Babies Don’t Have to Include a Million Gadgets

I have been to a lot of baby showers this year. At one, I felt hugely overwhelmed by the number of “needed” items for successful parenthood. I left with a vow that I would figure out how to acquire fewer goods and not let everything baby take over my house.

Maybe wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.

Today this wonderful blog post came up in my feed and left me reassured that simplicity is still attainable. We live in an age where materialism drives so much of what we do, it is nice to imagine a life with baby that does not require quite so many shiny gadgets. I’m going to be very intentional about my registry.

Anything on the must-include list you want to suggest?

2 thoughts on “Babies Don’t Have to Include a Million Gadgets”

  1. Hey, my kids got along fine just 10-13 years ago without all these gadgets! I’ve been baby shower shopping a few times and I agree, it’s a little over top ridiculous what they have for babies (or their parents) these days. The thing is…what works for one baby doesn’t always work for another. Marisa liked the bouncy seat. Ian hated it.

    Think how the baby will need to fit into YOUR lifestyle. I think a good outdoorsy stroller and a baby carrier are going to be essentials for you. A high chair can be replaced by a smaller version that straps on a dining room chair (great for travel too).


    1. All your suggestions are great– will definitely have to come back to this post when it’s time. For now, not ready to go there, but love the idea that not every single one of those items I see at baby showers is necessary! And– also appreciate the sentiment that every baby is different… 🙂


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