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Two (Slow but Great) Cold & Flu Pick-Me-Ups

Warning, before you get too excited, both of these remedies require time to prepare– the bone broth 24 to 72 hours, the fire cider 4 weeks!

However, there is something therapeutic about crafting these recipes in advance. I spent part of the day with E on my back in a carrier, singing, dancing, cooking and it was the happiest I have felt in a couple weeks. It definitely helped that she was singing and dancing right along with me and the dogs were rolling on the floor in excitement for the melt-right-off-the-bone chicken, (sorry vegetarian readers). Oh and may we also recommend Elizabeth Mitchell as a great family Pandora station?

Okay, I’m getting off track…

While no one in our little family is sick at the moment, (knock on particle board), we have been pretty beat up by the lack of sleep/teething storm over the past week and a half. So, when my beloved friend/doula pulled out a jar of “fire water” I was inspired to learn how to make my own. Here is a recipe I found. It may sound strange, but the burn is somehow soothing.

The only way anything gets done around here anymore-- the tulas my husband and I got each other for Christmas! So nice to finally have E on my back while I cook.
The only way cooking gets done around here anymore– the tulas my husband and I got each other for Christmas!

On that same note, my stepmom inspired me to make some bone broth soup. I’ll admit this time I cheated and let it cook for about 9 hours, but next time I am determined to get going far enough in advance to give it the full 24 to 72 hours to do all of its magic. To get the bones, I simply submersed a whole (organic) chicken in my crockpot with water, cooked for two hours, and the meat was ready to fall right off. Here is a recipe for bone broth. This evening I plan to combine the broth with carrots, leaks, potatoes, garlic, and seasoning to make soup, (as you can probably tell I’m not much of a recipe follower).

That’s it! A short post to pass on two good home remedies for preventing and treating colds and flus. I won’t expound on the benefits of either as other people have already done a thorough job elsewhere, (including in the links above).

Hope you’re staying healthy!

12 thoughts on “Two (Slow but Great) Cold & Flu Pick-Me-Ups”

  1. Thank you for this. There are various efforts I’m undergoing and the idea of making these fits in. Don’t know if I’ll ever actually make them, but I’m filing them away for consideration.

    Glad you found a really happy, fun moment with E today.


      1. That’s the thing. When I made pho this weekend for the first time, it also meant making broth for the first time ever. There is something oddly comforting, old school, something that involves a connection to something unknowable and unidentifiable by making something like the firewater or the broth. It’s kind of like making bread. When I take the time to make something like that, I feel a connection to a human element. That why I like the bone broth, regardless of the health benefit.


      2. Totally get it. You put it much more eloquently than I could manage. There is something basic and human to it in a world where everything seems to be about convenience. Pho is an admirable challenge. How did it turn out?


      3. I really liked it. The broth simmered all day and I added rice noodles and beef to a bowl, added some cabbage, green onions, cilantro, and jalapeno and ladled the broth over it. Topped it off with some sriracha sauce. It was a really good combination of ingredients for me. Unfortunately, the rest of my family wasn’t completely thrilled with it. Which is one of the difficulties I have with doing things like firewater and bone broth. πŸ˜‰

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      4. I just told my wife about the fire water and the broth as she suffers through the first full day of a vicious head cold. Not sure we’ll be going there. πŸ˜‰


      5. It’s really weird, I’ve avoided soups for most of my life, but I’m learning through the pho that there’s a way to make a soup that appeals to me and if I could figure out how to deal with the time involved in making the broth, I’d do it more often now.

        The fire water appeals to me because I like all of the ingredients and I’m fascinated by what it might taste like.


      6. Btw, if you ever do make the fire water, much easier to take watered down. I kind of like the flavor but it definitely burns undiluted.


      7. Anywhere with a health food section, I’ve gotten it at raleys and the co-op. Look for the brand braggs, it is the most common. If you make some I’m sure you will find some curious takers to try it with you. I thought it was an awesome gift this time of year! I also use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for balsamic in homemade salad dressing.


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