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Deleting Apps: Being Present in a Busy World

Realizing more and more that life is what's happening in front of me, not on my phone.
Realizing life is what’s happening in front of me, not on my phone.

Life is full. Between guest teaching part-time, polishing up my manuscript, and chasing a toddler, I’ve been busy. Fitting in time for exercise, cleaning the house, socializing, and just plain relaxing has gotten trickier.

As I lay on my yoga mat yesterday, it hit me that one of the biggest drains on my brain power is Facebook. While I have a limited amount of time to sit on the computer, time spent holding my cell phone is an entirely different matter. I manage to scroll through my Facebook feed while doing all sorts of things. Standing in line at the grocery store, riding as a passenger in the car, waiting for my lunch to be ready, the list goes on. It seems like I’ve managed to fit phone surfing into every cranny of my life, which got me thinking about brain patterns and the ability to just be still and present in any given moment.

I have the urge to check my phone multiple times an hour, and mostly it’s for Facebook notifications so I can see when people have posted to groups or respond to something I put up. Information I definitely don’t need in the middle of spending time with my daughter or going about daily life. Watching a mom peruse Facebook while pushing her child in a swing the other day really drove this point home.

Add in the possible health effects of cell phone usage and it seems obvious it’s just not worth the risk. So, this morning, after checking my phone three times in less than hour, I deleted Facebook. I’ll still use it on my computer (because, let’s face it, I also think it’s great for connecting with people), but my goal is to no longer pattern my thoughts around needing to check my phone for updates.

I’m hopeful life will feel more relaxing with extra moments in the day. So far, so good.

9 thoughts on “Deleting Apps: Being Present in a Busy World”

  1. I found myself doing the same thing … not necessarily with the FB app, but with other apps and stupid games and I have consciously tried to find other things to fill those moments. Including with nothing other than just being there and being patient and not feeling the need to fill every moment with something.


    1. Yes! That’s definitely part of my concern, needing to fill every single moment with something “to do.” Happy to hear you’ve already deleted those addicting apps!


  2. Yes! Me too! I deleted the FB app long ago but still check via the internet on my phone. But it has really helped. I wanted to stop feeling guilty about my time online. I never walk away from a blog post or even well intentioned time doing email…it is the constant scrolling that drains my energy and time! Thanks for sharing this reminder!


    1. Such a good reminder I can still log-in via browser if something is important. You have definitely been a good inspiration to me to disconnect a bit. Thanks for helping to keep me focused, calm, and strong πŸ˜‰


  3. I’ve caught myself doing this too! It’s an awful addiction. I actually downloaded an app called “Forest.” The app is a timer and if you try to access other apps it “kills your trees.” The more time away from other apps, the more your forest grows! I use it when I spend time with my baby. It stops me from trying to multitask my time with him.
    – Kate.


  4. I love this post! I think it’s so important for us to power our electronics off and MOST IMPORTANTLY, for our children to see us smiling without them. Thank you for sharing this reflection. Your family is so lucky to have such a cognizant, present Mommy!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement– I’ve been fb free on my phone consistently now, and it feels great. I find myself thinking about social media a lot less, which is definitely positive for my fam πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m so glad, Olivia! Isn’t it funny how when we don’t have social media on our phones, we cut back on them SUBSTANTIALLY?!?! When our push notifications are no longer ping-ing every second, we are staring at our screens so much less frequently!! πŸ™‚


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