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Failing at Mommy Blogging

Motherhood is definitely a game of priorities. Unfortunately, mommy blogging hasn’t been one of mine in recent months. Now, I know what you’re thinking, maybe the world doesn’t need another mommy blogger, but this mommy does miss blogging!

The trick, I suppose, is weaving the blogging into my other priorities. Like making money for my family. That’s been a big shift for me in recent months. With E getting bigger and more independent, the worker bee part of my personality has been back in full swing. And, it seems I’ve returned a bit more scattered in muliple directions than ever before.

I finished (and refinished and then finished again…) my middle grade novel. I started teaching games at a Waldorf school. I ramped up my real estate efforts for my husband’s business. I started a home business selling travel items for kids. I…

You get the picture.

I guess the opportunity to reinvent myself has been just too tempting. Why pick one thing? There are so many options! And finally the chance to try IT ALL, or almost all… I’d also like to teach yoga and…

I think that’s going to be in my focus in 2016. Not yoga, but filtering through all the sampling I did in the second half of 2015 to hone in on fewer sources of work so I can accomplish more with my time.

But, while I’m still at it all–

Do you want to publish my middle grade manuscript?

Do you want to buy or sell a house in the Sacramento area?

Do you need any busy bags or cute t-shirts to help you survive your next outing with kids?

See, it is possible to blog and chase all my other goals simultaneously… Or, maybe not. I miss my old blog posts, about things like, you know, getting your stubborn toddler to FINALLY sleep through the night. That will just have to be the topic of my next post. Now that I’ve promised it, I’ll have to deliver, which I guess makes me less of a mom blog failure after all…

Happy holidays from my busy family to yours!


10 thoughts on “Failing at Mommy Blogging”

  1. I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging. Not sure how long it will last, but what I realized is that blogging can be a lot like taking pictures. When my kids were younger, I was almost always the one behind the camera and the video camera. As a result, there was a point at which I began to feel like I was too busy recording the events to actually be a participant. I realized that blogging had become something like that as well. Instead of experiencing life and blogging about it, my blog had really become the objective.

    There’s something to be said for experiencing your life in all of its glory … being present … and not spend so much time recording it. While I miss your posts and your writing, I know it’s because you are experiencing your life and that’s far more important than recording it here.


    1. I completely get what you’re saying– good for you! I definitely think there can be too much of anything. I’d like to just be in a rhythm of blogging a couple times a month consistently for the writing practice. I notice my writing flows a lot more easily when I write regularly and blogging is part of that– also gives me the space to process things in a different light. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, (even if I’ve been MIA for awhile), so hopefully you don’t disappear for good! Enjoy your well-deserved break and thank you for reminding me of the other side of blogging… Definitely helps me miss it a little less!


  2. I love all of your endeavors! And am excited for each of them. Yoga instruction sounds perfect for you :). Yogi/author/mama/entrepreneur. Next branch of wandertots = yogitots πŸ˜€


  3. I can relate to this. I wasn’t blogging for ages and I’ve just started to do it again. I hope I can as you say, weave it into my priorities. Happy Holidays to you and yours too! x


    1. Yes!! I know a lot of moms must feel the same way! I used to follow all kinds of blogs and feel like part of a little community. Now I’m just lucky to read my own post twice for typos! Here’s to more writing/blogging in 2016 for both of us! πŸ™‚

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