Baby Fever

Christmas in November. (Don’t Hate Me.)

Thanks to online discount codes (40% off and free shipping at Shutterfly!), I got in the holiday spirit a little early this morning with a baby photo shoot. I generally take a ton of pictures in order to get enough keepers. Still, it is a bit embarrassing that I managed to take 335 in just a half hour. And, I could only bring myself to delete 155 of them… That means I liked 180. Proof I am a mom.

Tiny, busy, little hands.

Life captured.

Had to share (a few of) my favorites that did not make the family card:

DSC04137 DSC04077 DSC04056 DSC04047 DSC04045 DSC04025 DSC04000 DSC03940 DSC03819 DSC03818