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Slow Down or You Might Miss It

DSC04642Tiny fingerprints and hot breath on cold wet glass.

My arm through my father’s as we cross a busy intersection for the 26th year.

Bouncing and singing in a department store mirror with a squealing bundle strapped to my back.

Laughing silhouettes wrapped in a gauze curtain, a different father and daughter, the cycle begins anew.

Her eyes on the little ants 26 stories below, enchanted just like mine.

Our living room lit by Christmas, dusk and a sleeping infant across my lap.

I stopped to breathe.

So much racing from place to place and preparing, preparing, preparing. All gone in a flash. Slow down, these words repeat in my head. Slow down, slow down, slow down. It will all get done, or it won’t. What matters is us, in these little moments, aware and grateful.

Everything else can wait.

Merry Christmas from me.

Baby Fever

Christmas in November. (Don’t Hate Me.)

Thanks to online discount codes (40% off and free shipping at Shutterfly!), I got in the holiday spirit a little early this morning with a baby photo shoot. I generally take a ton of pictures in order to get enough keepers. Still, it is a bit embarrassing that I managed to take 335 in just a half hour. And, I could only bring myself to delete 155 of them… That means I liked 180. Proof I am a mom.

Tiny, busy, little hands.

Life captured.

Had to share (a few of) my favorites that did not make the family card:

DSC04137 DSC04077 DSC04056 DSC04047 DSC04045 DSC04025 DSC04000 DSC03940 DSC03819 DSC03818