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Month Six: Little Beast

Yes, we even jumped on the amber teething necklace wagon and I have to say, she hasn't woke up screaming since.
Yes, we even jumped on the amber teething necklace wagon and I have to say, she hasn’t woken up screaming since. Love these local, hand-crafted beauties with unique gemstones.

Earlier this week as I lay in bed in a futile attempt to get Eloise down for a nap, I felt her first tooth. The sharp little edge poked my finger and sure enough, a tiny glint of white sparkled on her gums. After nights of restless sleep and uncharacteristic fussing, I suddenly had proof of her hard work. I called my husband, my mom, texted my dad and my mother-in-law.

I had no idea a tooth could be so exciting.

Month six has been a wild month. She is starting to move across the living room, crawling, scooting, rolling at a turtle’s pace. I turn around and then magically she is somewhere else, as if all that slow stuff in front of Mom is just a ruse. Our decision to co-sleep is either the best idea because she is suddenly awake ten times a night and I don’t have to move from bed, or the not-so-best idea because now she is awake ten times a night. Who knows.

I blame the teeth.

Forget naps.

Besides the tooth and the movement, my other favorite change this month is how she is warming up to other people. She stretches her body away from me to be held by visitors, her whole body wiggling with excitement. I love watching her bond with others, especially her daddy. Da, da, da, da, da just so happens to be her newest sounds. Oh yes, and food, I also love watching her eat, contemplating each new taste with a puzzled but self-satisfied expression.

Month six is like a whole new little person has joined us, awake, thinking, growling, particular. The other months we could sense her personality, but now the shy smiles and sideways glances, the feisty kicks and excited squeals, the determined focus on that one toy she just can’t reach, each show us wider glimpses of the little girl she will become. People keep telling us we’re just getting to the fun stuff. I can definitely see what they mean.

I think we might be witnessing the end of those cute monthly stickers.
I think we might be witnessing the end of those cute monthly stickers and the beginning of a much more active stage of life… She is definitely proving she deserves her nickname, Little Beast.

2 thoughts on “Month Six: Little Beast”

  1. Oh, she is adorable!! Teething is the worst, and it seems to never end! My son had six come in at the same time around 13 months–brutal, just brutal! Enjoy each moment though, even the teething ones, they go by much too quickly. 🙂


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